Throughout the year numerous professional windsurfers choose this beach to train on. So whether you want to join in the fun or just watch the spectacular windsurfing jumps which are often performed at just a couple of metres from the beach in the pre designated windsurfing area do come and visit us at the Marina Maria windsurfing centre.

On windier days it is not unusual to see photographers trying to immortalise the more spectacular free style jumps. If you are lucky you may even get your shot taken and get a free photo!

Many local windsurfers find the conditions on our beach ideal for training and even in the winter months try out their freestyle moves. Many even take part in world level competitions.

Nearly all of the world class top freestylers have visited Marina Maria more than once. Maria Maria windsurfing centre has also hosted many windsurfing training events and competitions and summer 2013 will also certainly be a summer not to miss!